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 Björn Dahmen


Sun 5/11/14 5:03 PM


Dear Jerry,

We met twice at Rock Temple Kerkrade / Netherlands. I've attached this picture in order to make sure I'm not joking. I am the black haired guy next to you, the blond one is my younger brother Dennis. On May 10th 2014, Helstar had a great gig at Lünen / Germany. Of course, I didn't miss it! Right after the show, I had the chance to talk to Mikey (Lewis). I asked him if there is a chance that you will have a comeback. I have no intention investigating your personal life, so of course I just wanted to know if at least except from touring with the band you are still able to live a normal life. It was quite relieving to me hearing from Mikey that your life is no more in danger. Thank God! Well, let's get to the point. Mikey told me that during your last tour with Helstar you had to be hospitalized and that you were offered a surgery for 3,000€. Of course, you preferred to return back home and expected a similar price in the US. Unfortunately, the same surgery would cost you about 50,000$ in the US. Jerry, why don't you raise a charity fund in order to cover your medical expenses? There is no shame in doing this. There would only be shame in fans not willing to help you. Please believe me, any real Helstar fan misses you very badly and wants you back on stage. As for me, I would even help you in person. This means, if surgery in Germany or the Netherlands is really much cheaper compared to the US, just come here. As for the time between surgery and after- check, you can stay at my (and my wife's) place, no big deal. May be there are a lot more reasons for your quit, all of which have to be respected as it's your personal decision. But if it just depends on the surgery, don't allow your pride to end your career. Metal is one big family, this is why real metal heads never let down each other. What ever your decision will be, I wish you a speedy recovery and all the best in your future life!


Regards from Germany,


Björn Dahmen


Hello Bjoern,



I do remember and thank you for the picture. Back then when I returned home and saw the cost differences I did wish to return and get it done there. But - of course I had not received your email then or I would have stayed with you ;-) ...  No my friend... What sort would I be even with pride - I did what needed to be done 2 years ago when I was home from the tour. One's pride must be put aside when it comes to your family's at stake or your well being. You see my wife and daughter who will be 21 soon would "kill me" if I did not take care of myself. So Bjoern, I have been well now for over a year. As you mentioned "Maybe there are a lot more reasons" - but I did not quit the band - I have not heard from members of Helstar in about a year or so.  

The last time I was to be playing with Helstar was the 70 Tons of Metal - the rest - is history...

No my friend - I was replaced then with the same done to Russell - I would like to ask if I could post your email on the Helstar site. I am assuming fans do not know. I had posted some information on the site - I did not wish it to be or make it a war between people. Wars like that never end well and "Hate Breeds More Hate"

Plus my friend, My love for playing and writing music began way before playing in a band - I will always continue to play and write music and you are right - Metal is One Big Family!!!"

To you and your wife, and your brother Dennis - All the best in your future - I know it will be Great!!!

Take Care with all My Best Wishes!




 Björn Dahmen This sender is in your ***


Thu 5/15/14 1:09 AM


Gerald Abarca (

Hi Jerry,

I'm feeling kicked in the teeth! So shocking what you have replied...and
confusing! Of course I do believe you...but Mikey really told me how badly
the band needs you and that the members keep asking you to get back...
what's more: Helstar did not employ a new bassplayer, officially because
they want you back.

(Cite From the Houston Press)
""The recording techniques aren't the only thing that's changed for Helstar in recent years. The band recently bid a fond farewell to longtime bassist Jerry Abarca, whose health issues prevent him from participating in the band's touring plans. Abarca's sheer glee and enthusiasm onstage will be missed, and not easily replaced. That's why Helstar has enlisted not one, but two bassists to try to fill his shoes.
"At some point, we're all going to have to walk away from it, and it was definitely his time to walk away," Rivera says. "Because of him being such a vital member throughout the whole history of Helstar, we just felt like bringing in a real member again and replacing him was the dishonorable thing to do.
"So we're just going on without Jerry, and we're getting these awesome bass players that are session players," he continues. "We've got a guy for the U.S. right here at home now, and we've got our guy in Europe, and those are pretty much the two places we play a lot. When it comes time to go to South America, well, we'll flip a coin!""
(End of Cite From the Houston Press)

Any way, you have my full permission to publish my email. I hope this is all some kinda
misunderstanding between you and the other guys...otherwise I would really have to
question their loyalty!

Sorry I have to get to work now...and thanks for your reply. Dear am I shocked and confused...

You take care plus regards to your wife and daughter!


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