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Welcome Everyone...

By now Helstar fans have noticed there has been a change in the band. Yes, I am no longer playing with HELSTAR. There could be lots of stories told some fiction, some fact. You can choose which you want to retain for your own mind. I only wish the band well in their music and lives. I have only now realized that some fans wonder where I have gone and what I am doing. It seems there is some confusion on my illness. my departure from the band and my status now. So, I will share with you a group of emails one pal, Bjorn Dahmen, and I shared recently. It will hopefully explain a few things, including my surgery for my illness and my wellbeing now. Again... MUSIC is FAR from being out of my life. I cannot just quit playing. So for now, - I will have this site as a part rememberance of the past 30 years with Helstar.   I have a GREAT DEAL of DATA and who would not after 30 years...  I will always continue playing and writing music.. Thanks and take care of yourselves. Best Regards!!! Click the "News" section for the emails.


HELSTAR -"Dynamo Pictures".- "Bang Your Pics". Jerry -


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